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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Colour Writing

I am the taste of the juicy inside of a blueberry pie.
I am the fresh blue sky above you.
I sound like the ocean and the waves that roll over.
I am the shiny sapphire ore.
I am cold, winter, wind, ice, cobalt
The bright blue sea…

Monday, 27 March 2017


Tena koutou
Ko Aoraki te maunga 
Ko Ōtakaro te awa
Ko Waimairi te kura
Ko Ngati Aotearoa te iwi
Ko Tom taku papa
Ko Maki taku papa
Nō Ōtautahi ahou 
Ko Leon taku ingoa 
Tena koutou,
Tena koutou,
Tena koutou katoa

Acrostic Poem

Lolly Lover
Enjoying sports
Only 10
Ninja lover

Very stupid sometimes 
Never broke a bone

Enjoyed the holidays
Rap music

Plays games
Eats junk food a lot
Kahukura is my class

Thursday, 24 November 2016


Everyday Ryan and I bike on the road together.
The wind of the cars brush my face, I feel the bumpy ground of the road. I can barely hear what Ryan is saying over the sound of the car’s, we dash down the road on our hasty bikes. I smell the scent of green grass next to me on the pavement. I see Ryan and the road in front me, full of cars eager to get to their destination. I make my hand signal to turn, we ride our bikes under the cloudy sky until we reach school...

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

A.B.C Holiday Writing

Abacus with my mum.                                  
Beach trip with my grandparents                 
Clothes shopping at Northlands Mall
Dinner with grandparents eating chicken 
Eggs and bacon for breakfast 
Fish and chips with my family 
Gardening with my Dad 
Had a BBQ with my Dad 
I went to my Dad's in Lyttelton
Jayden and I went to Mega Air
Kitchen now gone because of renovation 
Liam and I had homemade churros
Movies at Hoyts, Northland Mall 
Natalya came over to my house
Oliver and I had a sleepover at his house 
Played  with my Guinea pigs
Quiz night with my family 
Renovation continues…
Shopping at Countdown with my whole family     
Trampolining with my siblings 
Used my new toothbrush                
Very hot nights and day 
Went surfing at Sumner Beach with my auntie.    
Xmas list started 
Yummy ice cream on Sunday afternoon 
Zoo with my mum on the weekend

By Anzu and Leon

Monday, 5 September 2016


Imagine this. You're going to a tropical island and you are looking for some nice beaches, you think you've found the one! Oh, whoops nope just kidding too much rubbish, plastic here, rubbish there, plastic in the sea and on the beach. 

Plastic can come in many colours, is waterproof, pretty much can't be broken down and that makes it very useful. People all over the world use this material all the time. There was the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, all named after the material used in that age by the people. This age can be called the Plastic Age, there's so much rubbish! People use it for every thing, look around you, I bet that if you stroll around you can see many things made out of plastic. Most plastic is non biodegradable so it can take hundreds to thousands of years to break down. Plastic causes trouble in the sea, killing turtles, tangling the legs of birds and polluting the homes of marine life. Would you like rubbish in your house? I mean, if you wake up and get out of bed and there's rubbish on your carpet, that wouldn't be nice, you slowly walk like a robot to the kitchen, rubbish in the toaster, you stroll to the lounge, rubbish covering the TV. I think that will be pretty annoying. More than half of the turtles in the world have eaten plastic and got sick or choked on it and died. An estimated 14 billion pounds of trash much of it plastic is thrown in our ocean each year. 

In 1987, a law was made restricting the dumping of plastic in the ocean. But I can guess that many didn't follow that law and roughly 29 years from then it is nasty looking. Overall I think we can fix the problem of plastic going in our ocean, ok, my auntie owns a food truck and when people buy her food, she serves the food in this type of plastic that can be broken down into soil because it's made out of potatoes somehow. We don't have to use plastic bags because we can buy one of those shopping bags that we can use all the time for shopping not just once or twice. People who work at hospitals wear these type of clothes or uniform and when they don't use them anymore, they turn it into the stuff on the floor for playgrounds at schools. That helped me when I fell off the monkey bars. But it still hurt. Ya know those dairies with heaps of bins around them, it really seems like those bins are meant to be avoided because people get close them, and guess what? They litter. REALLY, THERE WAS A BIN RIGHT THERE!? But anyway, I really think we could make the world a better place without littering and polluting.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

When I Felt Proud

I sprint down the side of the field. Eager players sprint for their life's for the ball to smash it into the opposite goal. Pierre gets the ball and shoots for the goal. It's deflects off the keeper . I zoom in and shoot and score! First goal, first game. I was really pleased of myself because last season I only scored one goal, but this season I scored the first goal on the first game! All of my teammates were really encouraging by saying “nice first goal of the season”, but it was Pierre who really made me feel like I won a heated pool on the top of a Ferrari by saying “you really encouraged all of us by scoring the first goal!”.